Medcan Partnerships

Medcan Partnerships

  • The College of Pharmacists of Barcelona
    • Collegi de Farmaceutis de Barcelona ( Pharmacist association representing 8,800 pharmacies in Catalonia
  • The Catalan Ministry of Health
    • Generalitat de Catalunya Conselleria de Salut
  • Catalonia Cannabis Lobby Group
    • Led by 11 Law firms in Barcelona

Frontier Wellness Management is positioned for success because of the partnerships it will gain as a result of the acquisition of Medcan.

Medcan owns 150 square metres of retail space, plus two consultation rooms and a therapy room. Its location also features three board-certified doctors, as well as a nurse, physical therapist and clinic manager.

To create products, and to get them into the hands of consumers, Medcan maintains partnerships with several influential entities.

Medcan Affiliations

  1. Alchimia Solidaria

    Alchimia Foundation a Catalan based “social wellness” group focused on well being. The foundation is also a leading proponent of ending cannabinoid prohibition in Spain

  2. Mar de Somnis (Children with Epilepsy)

    Support, awareness and cannabinoid treatment resources for affected patients and families.

  3. Aflora (Breast Cancer)

    Seeking improved quality of life of its members, including through cannabinoid treatment.

  4. ICEERS (Research)

    Studies underway on ayahuasca, iboga, and cannabinoids. Preferred partner for cannabinoid activities and events.

  5. Energy Control (Research)

    Activate risk mitigation strategies for drug consumers. Exclusive partner for therapeutic cannabis analysis and consultation.

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