Medcan Knowledge

Frontier Wellness Management through the Medcan Foundation is committed to the acquisition and dissemination of information about the medicinal uses of cannabinoids in a safe and effective manner. The foundation was created to promote three major principles, all of which aim to familiarize the public and medical professionals with cannabinoids. Through partnerships and affiliations, The foundation will also serve as a platform to engage other key entities within the medical field.

The Medcan foundation promotes three major principles:

  • Cannabinoid Research
    • The foundation will study cannabinoids in their various forms to determine how effective and safe they are at treating specific ailments. Initially, specifically ailments related to skin, pain, menstrual, and sleep issues are the ailments being targeted.
    • The College of Pharmacists in Barcelona and The Catalan Ministry of Health are currently partners of the Medcan Foundation to create these studies.
  • Education
    • The foundation will also be focused on educating the general public about cannabinoids, including their effectiveness, the safe use of cannabinoids, and the legalities of cannabinoids.
    • The Catalan Ministry of health, The Federation of Cannabis Clubs in Catalonia, and the Catalonia Cannabis Lobby group are partnering with the foundation to achieve this goal.
  • Organization of events
    • The foundation will sponsor events to spread information about cannabinoids and help lobby to fully legalize cannabinoids. This knowledge will be disseminated in person to medical professionals via events hosted around Catalonia and also online through open and closed groups for people interested in learning more about cannabinoids.

The Medcan foundation allows for strategic tax planning under Spanish law. This is a commonly used structure to create legal tax advantages that is used by some of the biggest associations in Spain.

  • Other branches of Medcan are able to donate revenues to the foundation which are tax deductible and therefore create a tax rates of 10% or lower on applicable funds
  • Other notable entities in Spain that use this strategy are FC Barcelona and Caxiabank
  • The foundation is a charitable organization which allows further integration with strategic institutions (Hospitals, Universities research centre and patient groups)