Medcan Clinic

Frontier is in the process of acquiring Medcan, Spain’s only retail medical cannabis clinic. This acquisition will enable Frontier to distribute products to a pre-existing consumer base. In addition to inheriting this customer base, Frontier will also acquire an invaluable data set that will help drive growth in Spain’s burgeoning retail cannabinoid market.

Medcan Retail Clinic

  • Frontier has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Rucal West S.L. (doing business as Medcan)
  • Direct patient education, guidance and support (f2f and online) with certified medical staff and products.

Medcan operates the only retail cannabis clinic in Spain with registered doctors and health professionals.

Medcan has commenced operations in Barcelona, a city renowned for its cultural appeal and openness to cannabinoids.

Medcan is a private Spanish company established to take advantage of the increasing worldwide opportunities in retail medicinal cannabis and cannabis derivatives.

Medcan has access to multiple sources of superior grade cannabinoids through its own association and other local cultivation associations.

150m2 (1615 sqft) Of retail space for medical cannabinoids

The clinic is open to the public and offers direct patient education, guidance and support with licensed medical staff and certified products.

  • 2 consultation rooms
  • 1 therapy room
  • 3 board certified doctors
  • 2 nurses
  • 1 neuropsychologist
  • 1 physiotherapist
  • 1 clinic manager
  • 1 physical therapist
  • 780 patients in treatment

Offering a wide variety of domestic and international SKUs and brands.

Strategic Ownership of the Retail Outlets

  • We know the consumers’ purchasing habits
  • We guide consumer relationships with Health Care Practitioners (HCPs)
  • HCPs provide key education that is trusted by the consumer
  • The clinics allow us to retain clients & build a distribution network
  • Allows us to build a brand that consumers can trust and recognize

With these strategic partnerships in place, Frontier Wellness Management will begin with an intact, comprehensive operational base on which to build, allowing for quick revenue generation and rapid growth.

Starting with so many essential parts fully operational will spark the kind of quick, scalable growth that investors seek.